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The year is 2086, so where did it all go horribly wrong?
The Road to a Hellish Future is Paved with Good Intentions

• Continued inaction on Climate Change as successive Australian Governments and the Australian people decided they loved 50 inch 8K TVs more and 5L V8 engines more than the Great Barrier Reef.
• Mean temperatures in Australian have risen 4 – 6 degrees. It’s rare for a Summer Day to be under 32 degrees and average winter temperatures are now in the low 20s
• Drought has persisted for the better part of the last 30 years. All major Australian cities are now in L7 Water Restrictions. Basically, if you think about turning on a tap don’t. “Water Police” are empowered under law to arrest anyone on the spot for suspected excess water usage. For most people drinking water is now grey water recovered from storm drains or human waste.
• Rising fuel prices and utility costs made living in the vast, sprawling suburban metropolises of the late 20th and early 21st century impossible. Populations have migrated into cheaply built, densely packed sardine style accommodation generally within 20ks of a major urban centre.
• Sydney, where you live and work is now a city of two halves. The privileged few living in gated communities on the North Shore up to the Central Cost and then have nots who live in densely packed tower blocks while the vast suburban sprawl of western Sydney is now a sprawling ghetto for those who have or want to fall off the radar.
• The Harbour Bridge is now basically a Berlin wall separating those with privilege from the underclasses.
• Urban environments look something like a mix of the shiny LA Urban Sprawl of Strange Days and the burned out rotting urban decay of AKIRA depending on which neighbourhood you’re in.
• Global society but especially the Asia Pacific was devastated by a flu pandemic in the 2050s killing in excess of 50 million people, especially in China, India and African decimating the developing and 3rd world.
• Global economic downturn caused by war in India and Chinese Isolationism combined with the impact of the Flu Pandemic has crippled Australia in recession for the better part of the last decade. Unemployment hasn’t been a number starting with a 1 in 5 years, urban centres are crippled by poverty, crime, unemployment, gang, ethnic and religious violence.
• The transhuman social movement has gathered momentum as genetic engineering and spread of cybernetics become more widespread amongst the bored, isolated middle and working classes. The Transhumans or “Trannies” as they’re commonly known live in ghettos or enclaves at the fringes of society. Think the Prawn shanty towns in District 9.
• Pride and Civil Rights Parades for Trannies similar to the Civil Rights movement in the US in the 60s regularly attract counter protests from right wing, often faith based sects, similar to groups like the Westboro Baptist Church. Riots and fatalities are not uncommon and are quelled by an indifferent police force without mercy or after thought.
• The Bruderschaft des Kreuzes / Aka Der Bruderschaft / AKA The Brotherhood / AKA the BDK: a militant Christian Fundamentalist Organisation somewhere in between the KKK, Westboro Church, Bikers and a Neo Nazi gang. A loosely organised collective of gangs from around the world united under the Black Cross of the BDK. Their Public Face is that of a fundamentalist, Aryan movement radically opposed to the “dilution of rights of pure Australians” by Islanders, Trannies and anyone not fitting their ideal of the Aryan Nation. In reality there involved in almost every aspect of organised crime imaginable.

Where Do you Fit in?
• You are currently “independent contractors” employed by Condor Security a personal security and rentacop company.
• What this really means is that you’re indentured to Condor so some past misdemeanour which you’re “working off” through a debt to them to avoid a prison sentence or some other sanction.
• You live in the shitty dorms in an “Urban Renewal Precinct”, eat their NuMeat burgers at night and wipe your ass with their toilet paper. But the pay is OK, you get health insurance the cars are pretty sweet, the badge opens doors and shuts mouths, chicks always love a man in uniform and it gives you a chance to keep your “special skills” fresh for off the clock cash work for the movers and shakers of the city on both sides of the law.
• Work can be anything from watching the mansion of some uptown spinster while she spends a week in Rejuvenation Spa to running sweep and clear missions to clear the vermin, both 4 and 2 legged, out of a housing estate that one of Condor’s clients wants to redevelop.


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